Monday, August 20, 2012

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Yes I did build this I am tired of the left.

The First Amendment Of  The Constitution
The Second Amendment Of  The Constitution

My friend  a vet . We had a talk yesterday 9/4/12
My days of killing.
My days of watching killing.
My day watching friends dying.
God only one week to go.
Home 4/8/2011
This are his dreams.
Home at night seeing the killings.
Home at night seeing friends dying.
Home at night need help.

Hi. Doc. Doc. Do you have bad dreams and do you have very bad dreams.
Yes way? We will get you 30% more money for P.T.S.D. We need to help you.
We now know you are a very disturbed person.
We will help. Just sign it that you are a very disturbed person.
Ok 30% more yes I love it.

Pres B Obama  just remove your second Amendment Of  The Constitution .
If you are a very disturbed person you can not Own a Fire Arms.  

We love you  Obama
For executive order on immigration.
We know where you live.
We know who is your dad.
We know who is your mom.
We know who is your brother.
We know who is your sister.

After 2 years we are coming for you
do you really thing we can process.
1,500,000 in 2 years we are looking
for you to turn your self in.
How dumb are you.

To all 50 states sheriff you can
go to immigration .gov. and ask
for list. Happy hunting.

We love you Obama
We can now get married. 
Kept support us.
Now we can adopt
We rejoice in teaching them.
We rejoice in take a bath together.
We rejoice in cleaning each other. 
We rejoice in going to bed together.
We rejoice as you go to school. 
We rejoice in bring friends home.

I love Obama
Drone strikes.
It takes the soldier out of the way.
The way he kills Muslims.
When American Muslim turn traitor.
Obama sent a little message.
The kill was so magnificent.
This own mother would not
Recognize him. 

I rejoice in the Person, Politician, Corporation, T.V, Talk Radio , News Paper, And Yes BLOGS.
that support Obama. Lets begin, pass the word to every one you can. I will have a list. you can add to it.
If you know someone that I miss. You can comment to my blog.


Person: Valerie Jarrett David Axelrod  Stephanie Cutter  Bill Maner, Richard Belzer, Bob Shrum NYU, Jonathan Weiler unc Chapel hill, Debg Adegbile NAACP, Robert Kuttner The American Prospect,
Kasim Reed, EJ. Dionne, Chris Hayes heat mcghee, jr jackson, Ana Kasparian
David Corn krystal Ball Ruthm Marucs Karn Tumulty

Dem Politician : Obama, Emanuel Rahm Mayor Chiocgo, rep Donna Edwards, 
sen Barbara Boxer, rep Patrick Murphy, rep Debbie Wasserman, VP JOE BIDEN

Corporation: Starbuck

Directv Time Warner Cable Verizon Fios Comcast Dish Network AT&T V-Verse

ABC: Good Morning America  20/20 Nightime This Week christiane amanpour

MSNBC: Morning Joe 6 to 9  Chuck Todd Jansing & Co MSNBC Live Alex Vagner Andrea Mitchell Tamron Hall The Cycle  Martin Bashir Chris Mathews, Rev Al Sharton  ED Schultz Rachel Maddow  Lawrence O' Donnell  Sat  and Sunday Alex Witt, Meet Press 
Mellissa Harris Perry

Current T.V.: Bill Press  Stephane Miller  Genk Uygur  Eliot Spitzer  Jennifer Granholm
Gavin Newsom

CNN Startting Point Soledad O'brien Piers Morgan tonight

Talk Radio:

News Papers: 
The New York Times  
The New York Post  
The Daily  The Huffington Post
The Washington post Matt Miller, Michael GrrunaldI

address email. facebook twitter  
current tv 435 hudson ST.4th. floor new york, ny 10014
Bill Press @bpsshow
Stephane miller @smshow
Cenk Uygur @cenkuygur
Eliot Spitzer @eliotspitger
Jennifer Granholm @jengranholm

Abc. 7 west 66 th. street, new york ny 10023

CBS. CBS Interactive 235 second street San Francisco CA. 94105  ph 415-344-2000 cbsnews

The young truks.They have a show that mosty liberal. Lets look at what turk means. Native or inhabitant
of turkey person of turkish descent member of a central asian people from whom the ottomans derived.

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a progressive, revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party, etc., esp one agitating for radical reform
2. (Historical Terms) a member of an abortive reform movement in the Ottoman Empire, originally made up of exiles in W Europe who advocated liberal reforms. The movement fell under the domination of young Turkish army officers of a nationalist bent, who wielded great influence in the government between 1908 and 1918
A coup d’etat occurred in Niger on 18 February 2010. Soldiers attacked the presidential palace in Niamey under weapons fire at midday and captured President Mamadou Tandja, who was chairing a government meeting at the time{1}Later in the day, the rebels announced on television the formation of the (CSRD), Supreme Council for the restoration of Democracy headed by chef d’escadron Salou 


The democrat sad no Voter Fraud

I look at this as a CHALLENGE  

This is what could happen. And you will go to jail when caught. 

How to do voter Fraud
1.Fake ID on line or State ID.
2.Get a Phonebook.
3.Look for Abandon Houses.
4.Get a voter Register.  

A1. Get a State ID  not Driver License Tell them no sink wrap.
Scan it open it in photo shop. You can change address and name.

B2.Get a phonebook look for names as Joe Love as you look,
see if there is a  Joey A love, Jeey C Love.
Find as many as you can that is not in the Phonebook.

C3.Drivering round look for abandon houses.
When you find one write it down.
Do try to find a house in a different Predicting.

4.1. Now go to Voting office get 20 forms.
Tell them you are Registering Voters.

4.2. Look at your 20 ID’s when you fill out your register forms make
sure you kept them straight.

4.3. After you fill out your forms send them in it takes 3 weeks so
you need to check the mailbox often. Once you get your Voter ID
you will see what precinct to Vote in.

4.4. On the first day of early voting.
Take your state ID and Voter ID go to as many Precincts as you can.

I did not tell you ever thing  if you try this you could go to jail.
I work at a bar checking ID I would get 50 to 100 a month.
I was train to look for certain things that made the ID Fake. 

4.5.I do not believe Poll Works are trained in looking for Fake ID.



What a night for the RNC at Tampa 

What was wrong with the media msnbc@currenttv the Artur Davis speech was block
dame it play it what is wrong with them.
CNN did praise them.

curttenttv on aug.21 at 7pm call Paul  Ryan a s/o/b curttent  is the most EV Ha SI tv show. Called all and I mean all Wmen young old white black left right center progressive conservative and my mom sob have him remove. 

Obama way is fireman police teacher the new middle class i am out of work now from middle to poor

mnbc Chris Mathews looks like a bitter old man and sound like granpal no i don't what to eat t if you don't leave me a loan get out.

poor Chris  What happen to you? Do you have some kind sickness?

Birth control power of directing means of regulating. 
Standard of comparison in an experiment.
China's one child policy was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to limit communist China's population growth. Although designated a "temporary measure," it continues a quarter-century after its establishment. The policy limits couples to one child. Fines, pressures to abort a pregnancy, and even forced sterilization accompanied second or subsequent pregnancies.                                                                       

Minister of the State Commission of Population and Family Planning Zhang Weiqing confirmed in early 2006 that China's one child policy is consistent with the nation's plan for population growth and would continue indefinitely. He denied rumors that the policy become less stringent to permit a second child to the general population.

Some nations do, indeed, have too few (developed) resources to meet all the needs of their people. But some archival records suggest that U.S. leaders have been mainly concerned about our access to theirresources. One document in the Nixon White House files, for example, included the usual boilerplate language about humanitarian concerns, but also noted that the U.S. "is in danger of losing markets, investments and sources of raw materials" as less-developed nations "seek ways to increase their resources."
DAKAR, Senegal -- Nigerian President Good luck Jonathan has sparked intense debate by saying Nigerian families should have only the children they can afford.  In remarks to the newly created National Population Commission Wednesday, the president said it may be time for “birth control legislation.”

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country with about 162 million people. The United Nations says the population could reach 400 million by 2050.  That's a growth rate of 2.5 percent annually that economists say is unsustainably high for such a densely populated country plagued by poor infrastructure, poverty and unemployment.

Who are the eugenicists, and why are they so obsessively interested in other people's fertility? When and why did they become involved in abortion?
 English scientist Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, invented the term "eugenics" in 1883. Taken from the Greek words for "well born," the term is used to describe the movement to "improve" the human race by encouraging the healthy and well-off to have many children and persuading, pressuring or coercing others to have few or none at all. The eugenics movement took root in many Western nations and also in China and Japan, with results that are very much with us today.
 We use birth control not for what we thing. But what one things
and then two things. One and two talks. If the people new what
they where thing their would be a revolt.
We must deceit, divide, and we must deceive.
 German eugenicists, including Adolf Hitler, were interested in the American experience with immigration and sterilization.

A letter from Hitler to read. It was in German. It thanked our chairman [Grant] for writing The Passing of the Great Race and said that the book was his Bible."  Clarence Campbell, president of another American group called the Eugenics Research Association, attended a 1935 population congress in Berlin, where he offered a banquet toast to "that great leader, Adolf Hitler

The Nazi era had given compulsory sterilization a bad name, but eugenicists had never lost
Their interest in preventing births of the handicapped. 

This was a nice way of saying sterilization.
If your child had mental problem or anything wrong.
It was a bullet to Head and you wear sterilized .

Ok one and two need a kind way of say no bullet..
Lets make Abortion legal.
one wins

 Abortion was not much discussed in the 1920s, even among eugenicists; for it was a criminal act.
Four win

 Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, writing for a 1927 Supreme Court majority that upheld a Virginia
sterilization law

What Adolf Hitler did, was a nice way to German Women to have the best Health the best

Doctors to have a Health Child. Way? Child to man it was how to get magnificent gene pool
to past on to the next female. Adolf Hitler was a one. He know to have the best he had to put
a bullet to the heads of 6,000,000

 “ Abortion Legal”  Roe V. Wad 
If I write about this people will start a race war.                                        
But I am going to say. I will not get into women health. 
But it is from of eugenics.                                         
Ok one and two what can we Do? Lets have a pill to sterilize , no race war.
The pill is use for all kinds of women health. If you knew what one and two talk about.
Is how not to 
Start a race war. Obama looks at a away to make it kinder and he is not
one he is two and three.
Lets look at what Gov. thing. They are not one and two but they have to listen to one, two,
three and four.
Two and Three say money for the Pill and  Abortion be free. Now four said no.
What two and three are doing   is make it kinder. Give it for free to control the population. 
What four things is how to stop

 Francis Galton invented the term "eugenics" in 1883. he is a one and there 
is 1,000 that are two & three that looks for a kinder way.

I could write more but I do not want to start a race war all over the world .
Their are a lot of ones. two’s. threes and fours in world. 
In the begin to control it, it was easy, kill and eliminate.
1900 to now we still kill.
The New term is justice. And to day killing means justify.

Bless you


A Bullet Plan Parent Hood  Abortion The Pill I think these are ones. So let's look at who support them.
As  I watch tv  I listen to how they say kinder. 09/01/2012
My number 2 are msnbc cutter tv. cnn abc nbc cbs reporter who support kinder. 
Over this week the persons I thing support 1 Is as follow  Mellissa Harris Perry, Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm, Pres Obama Valerie Jarrett Sandra Fluke                           if you have a name that is 1,2,or 3 add it to the list.
Leave a comment. 

dem convention o red white blue
i have seen this befor in my studes let me know